History of Orange Juice: A Taste of Sunshine

Oranges Come to America

Orange juice is a classic American beverage. For years, people have chosen orange juice for its great taste and nutrition benefits.  But how did Americans first fall in love with orange juice?

Early Spanish explorers planted the first orange trees around St. Augustine in the 1500s. The Florida sunshine welcomed the trees with a perfect environment inspiring natives to plant more. The state’s warm sub-tropical climate and abundant rains helped grow the juiciest oranges available and the first orange grove appeared in 1830 on Merritt Island.

Citrus Craze

Fresh Florida oranges became popular around the world.  Tourists brought citrus home to give family and friends a delicious and healthy treat. Squeezing Florida oranges for the great-tasting juice they produced became a popular delight.  Even after the fruit was gone, people longed to enjoy a refreshing glass of Florida orange juice every day.

Appearing on America’s Breakfast Table

The Florida citrus industry devoted years to researching ways to provide the world with access to tasty orange juice in their own homes.  Through pasteurization and state-of-the-art technology, the goodness of orange juice was available everywhere.

Today’s Best Juice

Today, Americans enjoy a consistent supply of high quality, nutritious orange juice all year long.  A glass of orange juice is a simple and nutritionally sound way to start the day. Orange juice, as part of a healthy diet can help maintain good health and wellbeing, and may help reduce the risk of certain diseases. It’s no wonder people continue to love and enjoy Florida orange juice.